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Nam Tower


ID : 26
Nissim Aloni, Tel Aviv, IL, Israel
1,900,000 $ 
Location: Nissim Aloni, Tel Aviv, IL, Israel
Category: Sales
Type: Sold
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Rooms: 4
Bed: 2
Bath: 2
quiet design in noisy landscape. Apartment bustling urban center in Tel Aviv carefully designed as a functional and warm the occupants. The apartment creates a homely atmosphere, warm and enveloping, the result achieved by using the right colors and a good dose of materials. The designers were able to create an island of calm

Apparently Holy Trinity is found not only in France but also at the architects Gamma Arc Group: material, shape and simplicity are the heart of the firm's perception that integration brings harmony and perfection. The firm offers customer actually direct his space, When a customer uses this stage, the project is taking shape.
The designers set out to Dmitry Gordiyenko and Yevgeny Tz'olc and their client when he designed the distinctive flat top park in Tel Aviv. The decision made was that the apartment will serve as a neutral backdrop for art and his colorful, with reference to the city in which the choice of building and urban style, minimalist design, modern and clean line.
The work process does not start in the office, but rather empty space would be flat - this is the point where the constituent customer behavior observed in space by the designer. Tz'olc explains Scadricl is looking first and foremost the right expression of customer space. This apartment, located on a high floor, checked eg what is important for him to see when he looks out the window. Understanding customer needs continues testing, while a decision not plan for the functions he does not have to feel most comfortable in his space.
Promoting the entry into the dwelling following natural oak parquet widths. The pavement is an element most likely not symmetrical nor is responsible for the warm apartment space. The house is in the heart of the firm, and is also a significant distribution of space and design. Customer likes to read and has many books which have had to address the design. The idea was to create a neutral space and give books responsibility colorful touches. Thus was born the library went into carpentry grooved paneling across, which is the defining element of the heart of the house. Dual function - storing a number as well as separation between the office to the living room when necessary.
Because this is a partial separation, it contributes to space an airy appearance. Also through getting into office furnishings custom carpentry colors of the walls, integrated wood touches that create a dialogue with parquet. Providing public space that was derived from the open office created a continuous hinge overlooking the house.
The office is adjacent to the dining room which is furnished with pine table and black chairs. Lighting is installed in a corner with a touch of yellow winking art hanging beside which also has similar colors. Further on is the living room, furnished and minimal functionality. Even television is dependent on space alone, while hiding the multimedia associated with it. Afghan carpet gives a touch of color space, which insists maintain a clean part of the city where it is located. Designed taken into account in the first place and looking at the scenery outside. This thought led to the decision not to put curtains to keep the symbiosis between the interior and exterior. Living room placed a small work area with a double function: it is used as a shelf for photos sentimentality as well as an option for eye contact with the child when he paints.
The living room and kitchen in front of him separated using a lowering ceiling that divides the house into two parts. The line keeps the look clean and white color combines with bamboo cabinets. These correspond with the transverse line in front of them wrapped in office. More dialogue is the picture in the kitchen together dining room, tied together artistic relationship. Isle steel chairs and minimalist geometry of their asymmetric appropriate space like a glove. Over chairs are lighted glass shelves. Master accompanies the transition from the kitchen cupboard bamboo-covered service as a continuation of the kitchen cabinet.
Further, the bedroom was revealed in all its splendor and simplicity - two facades overlooking the city its floor to ceiling. Here, in contrast to the living room, just a curtain was installed to heat the cool glass and enhance a sense of intimacy. Bright colors dominate the space, if the furniture or walls, and warm and soft materials like wood and flax, which find expression in bed.
Bed placed in front of the free installation view, and in front of her bamboo ladder that highlights the room's height in the vertical and horizontal axes. In addition, Hanging garments Adds living room and gives a sense of lightness morning. For designers, this lightness lightness connects the city surrounding the person living in it. The apartment is designed to nursery far from the master, taking into account conditions on the ground matched the outline. The children's room is decorated Bbgoon bright, and colors are responsible for hardwood and frescoes of the child and his father who present a joint art experience.
The adjoining bathroom space thanks neutral gray flooring and furniture with clean lines and a minimalist design. Attached to look into the floor to ceiling with perimeter lighting is responsible for the illusion of size. Creative design services brought empowering space, are also used as guest services, by a glass door separating them from the bathroom.
Tz'olc explains the uniqueness project was to translate the language of the customer's language and material designers in the given space, without sacrificing the personal touch for each of them. As a result, along with the minimalist and modern, the apartment received with the restoration is warm and pleasant human scale. All these make the apartment a nostalgic substrate and the heat enveloping home.

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